eventgeeks: internet, wireless networks, phone
About us
eventgeeks has been born out of a collaboration of experts who have worked in the events industry.
With experience of everything from local gigs to the biggest festivals, we not only deliver what you need, but also understand the difficulties of delivery in (lets be honest) some of the most remote and difficult environments.
We specialise in delivering solutions over IP based wireless networks, which allow flexible temporary installations across large areas. Utilising these networks, we can not only deliver internet connectivity to merchants, offices and control centres, but also utilise the network to deliver high quality CCTV and phone services.
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eventgeeks is part of a group of companies
In addition to our events specialisation, our sister companies focus on other markets that have a clear overlap with the events industry. For example, ls:hosted provides in the cloud mail and storage facilities that allow user access from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, ls:hosted provides phone services based on IP networks, allowing complete office mobility and independence to allow users to establish a productive office environment at any internet enabled location. ls:locate provides global location management of assets or people, whether within an event boundary to locate key personnel or cross borders to track assets or employee travel.

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The geeks themselves have been working in the events industry for many years, before forming eventgeeks.
These are some of the shows they have been involved with:

eventgeeks is a trading name of LighteningSoft Ltd