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this is what we do... Through the years of working events in difficult, temporary locations, we have learnt that the best way to deliver our solutions is through wireless networking. However, with innovation comes challenges, and achieving a stable wireless platform requires experience and knowledge to overcome pitfalls that come with having 80,000 people inside your perimeter.
wireless Traditionally, phone provision on site was reliant on British Telecom providing sufficient local infrastructure to provide sufficient local lines. As such, there was heavy provider dependence and of course moving between events meant starting again with a new number and a new handset. Working with our sister company, ls:hosted, we able to provide not only standard phone lines, ISDN 2e/30 and satellite phones, but also provide phones that utilise our local Internet connectivity to operate. These phones are available with all standard phone system features, such as voicemail, hunt groups, night divert, conference calling, and still operate the same as standard handsets. However, since they utilise the wireless infrastructure, they can be located anywhere on site, including remote locations such as ticket offices and camp sites. We are able to run PDQs and fax machines over our infrastructure, and also provide SIM cards for mobile phones.
One of the key deliverables to an event is Internet connectivity. However, delivery of such connectivity is challenging as venues are typically away from core BT infrastructure. We have a lot of experience in working with providers such as BT to deliver temporary connectivity through traditional ADSL/SDSL broadband, 3G or satellite assisted platforms, and private leased lines. In addition, we know that every merchant, artist and office places a request for Internet access, and we utilise a combination of methods to provision connectivity onwards across the site, and also to control the usage of the connectivity by users to ensure bandwidth is conserved for those who really need it. phones
internet Through a close partnership with industry leaders in reliable wireless point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networking, we are able to rapidly deploy, maintain and control a wireless infrastructure on site. Using high throughput backhaul links and local wireless breakouts to merchants, as well as laser and microwave links, we are able to deliver both wireless and wired connectivity across site. And being wireless, we are not damaging the environment nearly as much as a heavy reliance on long distance cable runs would. We also understand the need to control usage of the wireless spectrum and actively work with local authorities to ensure that our infrastructure does not interfere with existing or temporary wireless infrastructure. That all said, where there is a need for physical cabling, we utilise our trenching machines to professionally and safely lay cables across public or high traffic areas. This trenching is also available to other onsite services on request.
We also offer a service of providing a phone to a user across a season, so that regardless of the site or the local operator, the user has their own phone with presets etc as soon as they are able to connect to the Internet.
CCTV has a dual purpose in an events environment, contributing towards health and safety across the venue, and also aids event coordination activities. We are used to working in a closely integrated emergency liaison or joint operations environment, providing visibility of the entire site through the use of high quality, daylight and low light cameras that provide 360 degree viewing, displayed live or with instant playback on projectors or LCD screens in the event control room. Typically mounted on temporary structures such as observation towers, scaffolding poles or cherry pickers, we will work with the event organisers to place cameras at locations to cover all critical and high traffic areas. Our operators are SIA certified and experienced in working live events where crowds and lighting make for challenging operation.
We are also happy to work with the emergency services, providing evidence and supporting undercover operations. If required, we are able to provide remote viewing locations (where acceptable in the DPA etc) to allow security control and event control to have personal feeds of camera data. Our cameras support privacy masking, motion tracking and linking between cameras, as well as integration of camera locations and visible ranges onto electronic copies of local site maps.