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who are we? You probably know some or all of us. But in case you don't, here are a few of the people who make up eventgeeks
Tris Tris is our ubergeek, doing everything technical. When not kiting or skiing, Tris can be found in front of a computer coding something new or making new tech do clever things. Historically a code monkey and general long time geek, Tris has worked in the IT industry for fifteen years, and provides the company with server, networking, and primarily VoIP experience in business and events gained from nearly a decade of making stubborn phone kit work properly.
Ben Ben is well known in the events world having worked in gigs and festivals for about a decade. When not sat with a beer beside a crackle log, Ben is our phone geek. There is very little he does not know about phone lines and phone systems, festivals and difficult artists. Very few local telco engineers exist near festival sites that have not met Ben.
Chris Chris is also a long time geek, who learn to program at six and has worked in IT since the age of eight. Having shown Tris how to program aged eleven and got left behind by him, Chris has since worked in events sound and lighting, and also in the corporate IT world for nearly ten years as a senior network and solution architect for a global outsourcer, and in later years as a security specialist working in government and large company security.